A Project Coordinator Job Description
By Release Manager

Project coordinators work underneath project managers to ensure that a certain part of a project runs smoothly. This person may be responsible for managing independent contractors, or he or she may be responsible for assisting the project manager with his or her day-to-day tasks. There are so many duties that a project coordinator may have throughout the year, and that is why it is difficult to pinpoint a universal project coordinator job description . Nevertheless, the information below outlines some of the job duties that may come along with a project coordinator job so you can assess whether or not this is the line of work for you

IT Services

  • Handle customer service inquiries
  • Schedule the work of IT professionals
  • Plan the networking for a small portion of a building


  • Monitor the progression of renovations and remodeling projects
  • Schedule consultations with independent contractors
  • Oversee a certain part of a project, like the flooring or roofing


  • Manage hospital employee schedules
  • Oversee research programs in a healthcare facility
  • Manage a specific group of healthcare employees

Public Health Research

  • Communicate between project managers and research participants
  • Coordinate large-scale research projects
  • Schedule research exams and patient consultations


  • Create curricula for schools
  • Coordinate field trips for classes and clubs
  • Plan sporting events and tournaments

Your project coordinator job description should reflect the industry you plan to work in, as well as the employer that you work under. If you are able to work in multiple industries, you will be a more versatile employee and potentially a greater asset to an employer in the future. You may want to strive for that if you choose to pursue an education in project coordination.