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Career Change - You Ready for Those First Small Steps?
Now begins the hard questions that you have to explore to make your decision. You need to begin evaluating who you are and what you want in life. Maybe a different job and not a different career is what you really want.
You won't know until you really take a good long look.
Seeking a Career or Nonprofit Jobs
Ellen is graduating in Fall 2006 and has plans to work with a non-profit organization and, in her words, “contribute to the community and at same time enjoy an informal work environment.” There are others like her wanting to have full-time employment, volunteer opportunities or a fellowship in any leading non-profit organization. To them, salary is not a criterion, but should be sufficient to cover essential needs. Similarly, a job position could be account or administrative assistants, fund raising or volunteer, and part- or full-time work identifying with their skills and studies.
Consider the Nonprofit Sector to Expand Your Charity Careers Option
At a large national environmental conference, I was presenting a workshop for career changers. After the workshop, a woman approached me and said she was interested in breaking into the environmental nonprofit field, but didn’t have any experience. When I inquired as to what she’d been doing, she told me she had been working in public relations for a well-known company for a number of years
Volunteering Can Reveal Your Work Passion
New England Aquarium receives many resumes from people who "have loved marine biology forever." Of course, all of us here at the New England Aquarium share that love, but interest and love does not ensure success in a job. To identify your work passion, it is absolutely critical to discover if you enjoy the work -- not just the topic.
You know you're right for the job but how do you convince the interviewer you're the one?
According to Luther Epting, director of the Career Center at Mississippi State University, the average person of this generation will change careers six times in their lifetimes
How to Be Prepared For All Types of Job Interviews
Interviews are inevitable part of job hunting but they don't need to be something you dread. With the right amount of preparation you can stand out from the other candidates and give yourself a much better chance of getting that job.
Common Traits That Employers Look for in a CV
When writing your CV it is best to tailor it to each job applied for. This way potential employers can pick out the skills and abilities you have in relation to that particular role. However, there are a number of common traits that employers look for when reading CV's.
Help, I Don't Know What to Write on Resumes and Cover Letters!
When you are looking for a new job opportunity the first thing that a prospective employer sees is your resume and cover letter. Given the volume of applicants in today's competitive job market your resume and cover letter can be scanned over in as little as thirty seconds so you need to make an impact. Here are some resume and cover letter tips to help you be more successful in your chosen career.
What Employers Look For in an Interview
It's been a while, but your phone is now ringing and you're starting to see the future through a lens of optimism. A breath of fresh air resonates with hope. Getting that new job is no longer a dream, but a close reality. All that's left to do is ace the interview.
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