Common Traits That Employers Look for in a CV
By Mark Anthony

Employing staff is a time consuming and expensive business, therefore employers want to get a good return on their investment. They are looking for staff who are capable of doing the job but also staff who are motivated and have the ability to get on with and work with other people. No employer wants to employ somebody who brings negativity to team and disrupts the peace and harmony of the working environment. Therefore, you need to demonstrate on your CV that you will bring positivity to the team and be an asset rather than a liability.

Most employers are looking for certain behaviors and personality traits in prospective employees and they will be scrutinizing your CV to find these. Therefore, you need to write your CV in such a way that you demonstrate that you understand what these traits are and most importantly that you can deliver.

So what are the traits that employers are looking for? Below is a list of the more common traits and behaviors and should be included and demonstrated in your CV.

You are adaptable to change
You are a good effective communication skills
You are customer focused
You have the ability to work under pressure and can deal with conflict
You are honest
You are reliable and hard working
You are a team player and do not work in isolation
You have initiative and enthusiasm and can be self motivated when required
You have the ability to learn new skills
You are honest and professional in your approach to work
You maintain confidentiality and care about the quality of your work
You represent the organisation you are working for in a positive light and act as an ambassador

This list is by no means exhaustive but it contains the most common traits that employers are looking for. You need to demonstrate that you have these traits and behaviors by giving examples on your CV which will communicate who you are and how you work. This gives potential employers an insight into your personality and some clues to the kind of person you are. Use positive words to describe examples, such as I led, I organised; I created which show you as a leader and someone who does things.

Above all, if you are declaring that you are professional you must ensure that your CV is professionally presented and contains no mistakes such as spelling or poor grammar as this is a sure fire way to get your CV binned!