Frequently Asked Questions

How do I post a job?
If you do not have an Account, please 'Create Account' Under the Employers Tab. Once you have your account, simply log in and click on the 'post jobs' tab (left - side). Follow the links from there to create a job posting. 

How much does it cost to post a job?
Our job posting starts at only $99.95CAN per job for non-profit employers. 
Your account must have job posting credits before the job can be posted live. 
Credits can be added to your account at any time (by credit card - quick and secure), with discounts being offered for bulk purchases.

Can profit employers post jobs as well?
Yes. For profit employers job postings, it will cost you only $295.00CAN. 
 contact us if you have any questions. 

For how long can a job be posted on your site?
Jobs will be posted publicly for up to 3 months (120 days). After that your job will remain in our database and visible only to you.

Can I post volunteer opportunities on your site?
Yes, however there’s a charge to post on

Can I apply my own formatting to my job ad?
Yes. You can control the font formats, bullets and colour.

How do I make a change to my job posting?
Just log in, click on the 'post jobs' tab, and you will be able to edit your job. No waiting for approval or intervention from our side. The only thing you cannot change once a job is public is the job title.

Can I extend the deadline on a job posting?
Yes. Simply edit your job and change the closing date. No waiting for approval or intervention from our side

How much will you charge if I need to extend the deadline on a job posting?
There’s no charge.

How do I close a public job early?
If you decide to close a job earlier than the posted closing date, you may do so by simply logging on and then changed the ending date. This closes the job immediately and the job will no longer be displayed in regular job searches.

What if I need to repost jobs? 
You can view every job you have posted with us, even if it has long expired. With one click you can edit an old job, make any changes you desire, and make that new job live. No more hunting through old files for previous job description examples, when you need to advertise a new job. You'll always have an electronic record of all your jobs posted on our site just a login away.

Can I post multiply positions in one ad title?
No, we don't allow this for the following reasons. By placing multiple positions in one ad, you miss out on your job posting being emailed to potentially many users who have set up email alerts that trigger on words in the job title etc. 

I need to fill several identical positions. Can I post them all in one ad?
Yes, in cases where you have multiple identical positions to fill within the same organization, you can post them as one job ad. If you like, you can mention that there are multiple positions in the body of the posting.

We already have a job description on our own website. Can I just put a link to our site for the job description details?
You can, but we strongly recommend that you don't: 
Job seekers to our site search for jobs containing certain keywords from the search page. Once again, if you’re posting on our site does not have any details in it, then it will likely not be brought to the attention of job seekers browsing for jobs in this manner. 

Any other question, please contact us